Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sibling update


We've been gone a while and it feels like its time for an update.

We have had four contact sessions with Raina and her new sibling. Raina is getting more used to these visits now and at the last one, took a real interest in her little sister. As we came to leave, Raina talked soothingly and even managed to produce a smile on her little sisters face; the first one any of us had seen. Raina wanted to help feed her sister and rub her back to help wind her. All very good bonding for these two siblings and lovely to see.

Since our last posting, the LA have been to court and the judge hearing the case has given dates in early December for a final hearing. At this point, we are told the placement order will be granted and it will be full steam ahead.  We met the little ones SW for the first time last week and this was helpful as we got updates on the birth parents and on the overall plans and timescales for placement.

It really does feel like this is going to happen; but we know all too well that panel dates can change, court dates are subject to alterations and cancellations and nothing is ever straight forward.

We were told by the SW that they were looking for approval and matching on the same day (mid December) followed immediately by introductions, to have the little one home with us for Christmas.
There are many more hurdles to get over first, but if this all goes to plan, Christmas 2013 could be very, very special. For now, all we can do is wait patiently.

Fingers crossed.

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